Information about mental illness

Understanding and educating yourself as a carer about mental illness / disorders is one of the first and most important steps to coping with caring. The Royal College of Psychiatrists provides the best quality assured up-to-date, thorough and accessible information leaflets on mental illness and conditions.Please click on the links below relevant to you from our A-Z list below which will take you directly to information to the information leaflet produced by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Other useful information on conditions for carers

Many carers are faced with complex situations and often are supporting a loved one with who is coping with a combination of a mental illness and other conditions (e.g. alcohol / substance misuse or a learning / physical disability). This is often referred to as dual diagnosis.We have put links below to other leaflets produced by the Royal College of Psychiatrists which you may find useful.

To find out about local services which can help your loved one cope with their illness / condition, see our Useful Contacts page.